Dr. Sophiana Chua Abdullah is a Strategic Planning Consultant with EPIPEOPLE CONSULTANTS.

Prior to this, she was a Researcher at CSPS and Senior Special Duties Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office up to 15 December 2018 before she retired after serving in the government for over 33 years. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Kent, an MSc in Computer Studies (AI) from the University of Essex and a BSc (Honours) in Computer Science from the University of Swansea, UK. Her previous roles include Principal Lecturer and Dean of Faculty of Business & Information Technology at Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB), Board member of the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI), a member of the ICT sub-committee of the National Accreditation Council at the Ministry of Education, and a judge and mentor for several national and regional level ICT competitions. Sophiana has contributed to a wide range of CSPS’ research projects including the areas of ICT, Health, Energy, Land Optimisation, Land Transportation, ASEAN studies and Youth Policy. She has also published and presented at international conferences in the areas of Student Modelling, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computer Adaptive Testing, Creative Industries, Child Online Interaction and Women in ICT. Over the years, she facilitated several workshops to in the areas of Change Management, Geographic Information Systems, Report Writing, Presentation Skills, Strategic Foresight and Strategic Planning, and has received excellent feedback from participants. 

She is trained in Change Management (Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia) and Strategic Foresight & Horizon Scanning (Action Foresight Australia), and is certified in Strategic Management (Haines Centre for Strategic Management Singapore).