The Creativity Manual


1. 72% of people have creative insights in the shower.

2. Solitude is good for creativity.

3. Daydreaming is actually good for your brain.

4. Some of the best ideas were considered ridiculous at their time.

5. Creativity is a skill, not a talent.



Creativity is identified the most important ingredient for business innovation. It fuels big ideas and opens doors to new business opportunities. Creativity and imagination produce today's most valuable currency - innovative ideas. A company's best solutions for creating or improving products or services come not only from outside consultants and focus groups, but from the keen observations of people at all levels of the organization. Innovative contributions can emerge from anyone who is able to harness their imagination to solve problems.

This 1 day workshop leads participants through a series of tasks and concepts which will help build their unique creativity thinking capacity. Through scaffolding of various modes of storytelling, sketching, mind-mapping and creative problem, solving, participants will be given a series of strategies for "thinking outside of the box".


Upon course completion, participants will be able to: 

  • Leverage your creativity and increase confidence in your creative abilities.

  • Generate, analyse, evaluate ideas, and manage the process from ideation to implementation.

  • Develop a set of seed ideas and creative solutions to your specific business challenges.

  • Exercise critical thinking skills : Using a creative approach to thinking through problems, questioning prevailing wisdom, and discovering creative solutions.


Training will include various sessions on theoretical knowledge of creativity and it’s connections to problem solving, in combination with personal and group-based activities. Participants learn by participating in various creativity exercises designed to help them think beyond their normal patterns. Finally, they will apply the techniques learnt from the exercises to a business case scenario.


During the training program, participants will learn: 

  • Demystifying Creativity: What is it? What is the difference between creativity and innovation?What are the characteristics of creative people? Can you learn to be more creative?

  • Creativity Principles derived from business, art and science.

  • Idea Processing : Formulate, Evaluate, Create & Test


This training is suitable for Heads of Departments, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and anyone who is interested in contributing impactful ideas.


Course Fees : BND199/PAX
Duration. : 1 DAY