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1. Improving your customer service will improve your bottomline
2. Customer service skills can be trained, not a customer service attitude 
3. Customers want to be treated as individuals, not cattle
4. Individuals want to be treated differently
5. People are different, predictably different.



Different people and settings require different style of customer service. The first step in this workshop is to accept that there is no ideal customer service style. Rather than focusing on an ideal type, we use the tools in DISC training to recognize the diversity of roles, situations and people to improve your customer service skills.

The most successful people are acutely self-aware and have the ability to adjust their styles to meet the demand of dynamic roles and settings.


Upon course completion, participants will be able to: 

  • Idenitfy DISC behavioral pattern in self

  • Accurately read and analyze another person’s DISC behavioral pattern

  • Adjust their own communication styles to achieve customer service goals

  • Enhance customer service satisfaction by treating customers the way customers want to be treated.


Training will include various sessions on theoretical knowledge of traditional customer service norms, in combination with personal and group-based activities. 

Participants learn by participating in various exercises, role plays and demonstrations designed to help them to identify and adjust communication styles.


During the training program, participants will learn: 

  • Myths and Truths about customers

  • DISC Profiling

  • Application of DISC in situations such as enquiries, telephone calls, complaints, etc


This training is suitable for customer service personnel of all experience levels, entrepreneurs, freelancers and people whose success depends on their ability to consistently provide exceptional customer service.


Course Fees : BND350/PAX
Duration. : 2 DAYS