The Photography Manual


1. Photography is a universal language.
2. Photography conveys emotions without words.
3. Photography changes the way you see your world.
4. Photography motivates you to experience more.
5. The value of a photograph increases with time.



Photography is both an art and a science. This 1 Day introductory course is designed create a firm foundation in both aspects of the craft. During the workshop, you will be challenged to
1. define and refine the way you see the world.
2. master the camera so that it captures exactly what you see.

This workshop is facilitated by Reuben Chin, a former Commercial Photographer and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Photography.


Upon course completion, participants will be able to: 

  • Operate their cameras in full manual mode

  • Manipulate settings for creative exposures such as long exposures

  • Continually develop a photographic vision


Training will include various sessions on theoretical knowledge of photography theory and camera operations, combined with practical application. 

Participants learn by participating in various assignments and on-location shoots, and critique sessions.


During the training program, participants will learn: 

  • Photography 101 - What is photography?

  • Exposure Triangle & Camera Operations

  • Light - it’s properties, and effect on the mood of your photographs

  • Perspective - Compositional theories, and “finding the angle”

  • Gesture - how do we “capture the moment”?


This foundations workshops is perfect for the absolute beginner looking to take better photographs of their friends and families, while on holiday or starting a new hobby in photography.


Course Fees : BND350/PAX
Duration : 1 Day
Other Requirements : Access to a camera capable of manual mode (eg. DSLRs and Mirrorless systems)