The Strategic Planning Manual


Having a clearly articulated plan that can be easily shared and understood is an important part in any organization’s path to success. This Strategic Planning Manual is a 2 day interactive workshop which enhances the understanding of strategic planning development.

The VMSA (or Vision - Measures - Strategies - Actions) model is a 4-phase, systematic approach to envisioning a desired outcome or future, and translating that vision into a set of measurable goals, strategies and action plans. The VMSA model is drawn from a hybrid of industry standard models and tools and has been carefully crafted for strategic planning development in the Bruneian context.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop a practical and implementable Strategic Plan using the VMSA model. Appropriate environmental scanning and foresighting tools will also be used in the formulation of a future-proof vision.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Sophiana Chua Abdullah. Dr Sophiana is fully trained and certified in Strategic Management (Haines Centre for Strategic Management Singapore) and has facilitated a number of workshops in Strategic Foresight and Strategic Planning for both the private sector and government organizations, receiving excellent feedback from participants. 


Upon course completion, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the flow and key phases of Strategic Planning development.

  • Understand the process of aligning and cascading a Strategic Plan in terms of measures, strategies and actions from throughout the organizational hierarchy.

  • Build a practical and implementable strategic plan using the VMSA model.


Participants learn through various interactive exercises and demonstrations designed to help them understand the full cycle of the strategic planning development process.


During the training program, participants will learn: 

  • Understanding Strategic Management
    What is it? Who does it? What are the characteristics of successful strategic plans?

  • The VMSA Model
    The 4 Phases of Strategic Planning development.

  • The Alignment Process
    How to align a Strategic Plan from its vision to measures, strategies and action plans.

  • The Cascading Process
    How to cascade a Strategic Plan from the top level down to the unit/individual levels of the organization.

  • Build a practical and implementable Strategic Plan
    How to apply the VMSA model, foresight and scanning tools to develop a practical and implementable Strategic Plan.


This training is suitable for middle level officers and will be invaluable to those directly involved in the planning, execution, review and monitoring of strategic plans.


Course Fees : BND400/PAX
Duration : 2 days